Anthony and Gill of Marwayne, Alberta

“We really like urban life”, Gill says. Her demeanor and relaxed attitude are a strong indication that it suits her and husband Anthony. “We’re originally from Scotland. We met there and I followed Anthony into the Baha’i Faith.”

Gill expresses the dichotomy of being isolated and at the same time feeling comfortable not attending Feasts. On that matter, Anthony expresses that they don’t necessarily seek them out, but do attend if they’re in a community that is celebrating one.

“I do miss the Baha’i community, though. I wish that we had a sounding board for some of our issues,” says Gill. “Anthony and I tend to research our Baha’i books for solutions and encouragement, but speaking with someone about family life would be very satisfying.”

At this time, Anthony is congregating with a Baha’i couple in Lloydminster, a city of 30,000 folks, where they are the only Baha’is. Together, they are studying the Ruhi books.

Their small acreage is a spiritual oasis, filled with comfort and joy in the way of laying hens, cockerels, dogs, cats and, if all goes, goats in the near future.

Blessed Is The Spot