The Small Group of Grand Forks, BC

“I don’t like the term isolated Bahá’í,” one of the friends said. “It makes us sound all alone, and I, personally, don’t feel secluded. I’ve got these friends around me and we gather when we can.”

Their familiarity and love for each other binds them as  Servants of the Faith.

On Tuesday, November 1st, we sat in the living room of the home of Shelley and John, Bahá’ís living on the outskirts of Grand Forks, BC, called the Boundary District. Together with Hazel, Linda, Lorraine, Nathan, and Marilyn, we celebrated the Twin Births of Bahá’u’lláh and the Báb. The prayers were uplifting, educational and set the mood for a grand gathering of friends.

We got together weekly afterward to study Ruhi Book 6, Teaching the Cause. The friends are well-known in the community and are making plans to impart the source of their content to the folks of their municipality. Plans to commemorate the Twin Holy Birthdays in the coming year will be on the agenda also.

The friends put together a devotional, and invited friends to say prayers. A guest fit in well and had a history of being with other Bahá’ís including a friendship with Roger Nygaard.

Good times in Grand Forks.

Grand Forks, BC

A fall display of pumpkins in Grand Forks

Grand Forks area