Don of Carmangay

We are received by Don and his wife, Anne, at the open gate of their well-manicured yard. Soon we are joined by their two small friendly dogs. This mini family lives northeast of Claresholm, Alberta, on Highway 23. At their kitchen table, we are served cake and a steaming cup of black tea. We are energized by their vigor.

Don starts the conversation by telling us that he was introduced to the Baha’i Faith in 1956, studied diligently with a reputable instructor, and declared officially in 1959. He is proud to list the books he had read during that time, one being The Covenant.

“Back when I was younger, I travelled a great deal with my family from Alaska throughout Canada, and most memorably, to Colorado Springs,” Don says.

He reminded us that Abd’ul-Baha stayed briefly at the Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs but it was Colorado Springs where Don spent most of his time involved in children’s classes and other Baha’i community-initiated events. His eyes light up as he reminisces about his station then.

Q: Your station, now, as an isolated Baha’i is very important to the Faith. What does being an isolated believer mean to you?

A: “Obedience. I believe that I’m following the guidance of Shogi Effendi, who encouraged the believers to go to villages. I feel protected in this small hamlet. The Universal House of Justice also urges us to congregate in smaller communities, for example.”

Don humbly shares with us his years of direct teaching experience. These days, however, his preference is to be modest and “show” his Faith rather than “tell”. Anne, his gentle companion nods in agreement.

We leave this place filled with joy and comfort.

O ye servants of the Merciful One! Arise to serve the Cause of God, in such wise that the cares and sorrows caused by them that have disbelieved in the Dayspring of the Signs of God may not afflict you. Pg. 30 The Most Holy Book

Carmangay sign

Ornament in Don’s yard

Ornament in Don’s yard