Community News - Winter 2013-14

Two community friends, along with their musical group members, insight high spirits in the hearts of those who attend their concerts. John Hollywood and his son, John Leslie, are musicians who belong to a group called “Inclusion”. They gather as volunteers to entertain with sing-a-longs and Baha’i inspired tunes. Recently, they conducted a fundraiser concert for Operation Eyesight. Their participation was written up in the Operation Eyesight Universal magazine, “Sight Lines”.


                                    Community Member Volunteers for the Arts

In this dispensation, music is one of the arts

that is highly approved and is considered to be the cause

of the exaltation of sad and desponding hearts.


From December 28th to the 31st, 2013, Frank Black along with a large cast of performers entertained audiences with their rendition of the play Aladdin. The wonderment included music, dancing and comical antics.

Frank’s part in the play was to act as a Chinese merchant. He and the other entertainers collaborated to present sights and sounds meant to uplift the hearts of the spectators.

Be reminded that participating in the arts is encouraged and considered a proper service.


Volunteers in Campbell River

December 5th was the day the world acknowledged and celebrated the valuable contributions volunteers make.

Many of you are involved with friends and family, working together to build strong communities. You are commended for sharing your time and energy.

Man's merit lieth in service and virtue

and not in the pageantry of wealth and riches.

~ Bahá’u’llah

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