Community News - Summer 2013

Family and Friends in Unity

The foundation of relations, companions and harmony were the primary ingredients for the success of the annual Unity Picnic in Campbell River, British Columbia.

Held on September 2, 2013, at Robert Ostler Park, the atmosphere was heightened by a spectacular view of the Discovery Passage ocean waters, a walkway frequented by city folks and visitors, and a landscape of grass. As family and friends arrived each set their potluck dish on a table and mingled among the happy-faced participants. Some folks who were new to the gathering were welcomed and invited to join upbeat conversations.

Among the attendees, Ms. Rose-Reta, dressed as a clown, elevated the festive energy among the children. She guided the little ones at the painting table and surrounded them with her enthusiasm and love. Mr. Rob Johnson set up a game of croquet and taught some of the youth the art of knocking a ball through hoops. Ian, an out of town friend, manipulated his kite high into the cool air. Junior youth, youth and adults knelt on hard concrete to create chalk-art masterpieces.

A call went out to announce mealtime and everyone gathered to share in the abundance of food. Every pallet was satisfied from hotdogs slathered in sticky condiments and covered with a soft bun to gluten-free lemon zing dessert.

“Sharing food makes it taste better,” said one friend.

As time together came to a close, cooperation and community mindedness blossomed as the children, junior youth, youth and adults put away all the items they had brought to the Unity Picnic. All went their separate ways united in spirit.

♪ Ye are Drops ♪

Ye are drops (ye are drops) echo voice

Of one ocean (of one ocean)

Ye are leaves (ye are leaves)

Of one tree (of one tree)

Come and join us (come and join us)

In our quest for unity

It’s a way of life for you and me.