Bahá’i Community Stories

Hi, my name is Peggy or Peg. I enjoy life and like to present everyone I meet with a smile and a hello. I hope that my conversations include a laugh, a chuckle or a smile. I like to think that I have a happy disposition.

My favourite thing to do that I loved to do over the past several years was to send birthday cards to everyone in our Bahá’í community. At first, I tried to remain anonymous, but it wasn’t long before one the friends discovered my secret service and thanked me for my humble contribution to our wonderful community. I have since passed that service on to another wonderful Bahá'í in our community.

Rose-Reta Gunnlaugson

Rose-Reta is an artist in every sense of the word. She is a painter, pianist and singer. Her talents allow her to volunteer at various senior centre housing facilities as leader of The Nightingales, a singing group that entertains the older population with renditions of music that suit their fancy. Rose-Reta’s guidance with her tinkling of the ivories and singing is kind and encouraging. Her paintings, which she tends to donate often at various Bahá’í functions, are filled with vibrant colours – a reflection of her prize-winning personality.


Aolani Delorme     

Aolani has many things that keep her active in her community. She’s a mother of an energetic daughter, office assistant for the Campbell River Volunteer Centre and a cake decorator extraordinaire. Her cakes have been thoroughly enjoyed at many Bahá’í gatherings!

Her kind, shy character and soft-spoken approach is the magic that makes her so approachable. She is a long standing member of the Campbell River Local Spiritual Assembly and has been elected as Vice-Chair.

Frank Black         Service in Kathmandu, Nepal

One of the most satisfying adventures I’ve had overseas was teaching English as a Second Language methodology to a large group of professional teachers at the Bahá’í National Centre in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Mr. Narendra Pande, the Secretary of the Bahá’í National Spiritual Assembly, invited Susan and I to provide a service project for the local Kathmandu citizens. We had already spent two years teaching ESL in China and agreed to spend the month of August 2007 preparing lessons plans, photocopying our self-created student workbooks, and teaching an amazing group of adults.

We laughed, sang and danced. The students were gracious as were the accommodations and teaching facilities.