Blessed Is The Spot

On Sunday morning from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m., a gathering of like-minded adults and children exchanged positive energy in prayer and song. The Baha’i Devotional Worship Service was held at the Sybil Andrews Cottage and was open to everyone. It was glorified with music, Baha’i prayers, all faiths prayers, more songs and a social time.

One of the prayers sung was ‘Blessed Is The Spot’.

Blessed is the spot, and the house,

                and the place, and the city,

              and the heart, and the mountain,

                and the refuge, and the cave,

                and the valley, and the land,

                and the sea, and the island,

                and the meadow where mention

                   of God hath been made,

                  and His praise glorified.

                                 - BAHA'U'LLAH


              THE CRAFTSMAN

"One of the names of God is the Fashioner. He loveth craftsmanship."

These words of Bahá'u'lláh express the importance of the practice of arts and crafts that is unparalleled in any religious dispensation. His writings also allude to the central role of artists in society, stating that "...the true worth of artists and craftsmen should be appreciated, for they advance the affairs of mankind."

Bahá'u'lláh's specific mention of artists and craftsmen as advancing the affairs of mankind opens a revolutionary perspective on their role in society.

The Campbell River Baha’I community has a number of artists and craftsmen in their midst. Most recently, Victor Jordan sang and danced his way on stage in the production titled, ‘The Fabulous 50s’. His passion for the craft is pleasant and clear in his unbridled expression of song.

Quoted source: Bahá'u'lláh, from a tablet translated from the Persian, cited in "Extracts from the Writings Concerning Arts and Crafts," in The Compilation of Compilations, vol. 1 (Mona Vale: Bahá'í Publications Australia, 1991), p. 1.

Community News - Fall 2014