Community News - Fall 2012

Children’s Classes

Children laughing; children singing; listening to stories, drawing, practicing short plays and memorizing prayers and quotes from Baha’i books. The friendly atmosphere is expressive with energy and purpose.

The leaders of the Bahá’í children’s classes guide the brood through twenty-one lesson plans. The objective is to teach them to conduct themselves with themes of prayer, obedience to God’s laws, seeking knowledge, service and consultation, living in harmony and being a good friend.


Junior Youth Empowerment group completed a service project in Campbell River. Check out this article that appeared in both local newspapers on October 26, 2012:


                  Children Express Through Art

On September 9, 2012, a group of children gathered in a room and were guided by a girl of thirteen years to create art pieces on canvas. Their concentration was pleasant, calm and quiet. As each masterpiece was brought out of the room and set on a table to dry, the proud parents and other adults stood and admired the children’s handy work.

Children, indeed, are the plants of God’s orchard, the flowers of His meadow and the roses of His garden. From their art pieces you can tell that they are saturated with God’s love.

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