Bahá'í Teaching Bus Tales essay 4

During our stay at the Walmart parking lot, our bus which is covered with musical notes attracted a Bahá'í who was also travelling. He entertained us with his adventures about living in his quest-seeking vehicle. We shared that our destination from Whitehorse was to Dawson City – his was southbound. We left the city named for the flowing manes of charging white horses with refreshed hearts and a continued sense of adventure.

     Welcome To Whitehorse

You can feel it the moment you cross the northern British Columbia provincial border at Contact Creek. You're in the Yukon and you are welcome. The dwarfed trees at the side of the road move with the wind and like parade-watchers seem to be waving at you. You are accepted.

The month of May in the city of Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory is delightful. We had the distinct pleasure of attending a Devotional at the home of Nahid Bannie. We first enjoyed an abundant breakfast and followed up with prayers and songs. The five children in attendance gleefully sang and recited prayers. The rest of us, including Tyrone Larkin, Laurie and Levi Larkin-Boyle also shared gratifying conversations with God.

Our next adventure included a backroad excursion with Tyrone to the top of a mountain to gain a panoramic view of the city and its majestic surroundings. We also visited a Bahá'í property just outside of Whitehorse. It is longing for development and occupation.