A Friend in the County of Vulcan, Alberta

It was our great pleasure to speak with a friend on the phone from his living room. We asked how he and his girlfriend were doing and he explained that they were both in good health.

He reported that their new routine, driven by the Covid 19 pandemic, is to travel to Lethbridge every two weeks to replenish supplies.

“Normally, in the past,” he said, “they would visit friends and shop casually every week.”

We all agreed that times have changed, for now.

We asked if anyone else had visited him since we last saw him three years ago. He shared that two representatives from the Baha'i Council of Alberta had. And, that a Baha'i couple had stopped in on their way to their vacation destination.

“That would be before we could 'drop-in' on each other,” Frank said.

We all laughed.

He'd heard that Baha'is had been freed by a leader in Iran. We helped him understand that one of the greatest stories ever told had come from Yemen.

Our conversation ended with loving sentiments.

O ye beloved of the Lord! Strive to become the manifestations of the love of God, the lamps of divine guidance shining amongst the kindreds of the earth with the light of love and concord. Selections from the Writings of Abdu'l-Baha, pp. 27-28

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